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Titre - Qui sommes-nous ?
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Crèche Charlilly is a private day care centre and was founded in 2023. It is a family infrastructure that focuses on nature and Montessori education. In addition, the animal-protected pedagogy is also in the foreground.

“ As a qualified educator since 2007, I have been able to gain experience in many different areas over the last few years. Following a stroke of fate, I decided to create the project which had been on my mind fo so long. Nature, animals and the well-being of children have always been very close to my heart and as a mother of two wonderful daughters I have experienced that in our fast-moving times our children need time, patience and understanding from us adults more than ever. These are the reasons behind my motivation to create a safe place where children can develop into strong personalities in a benevolent and positive atmosphere. ”

Director's word
Véronique Wirtor

Titre - nos valeurs
Illustration - Pissenlit


Nature allows you
to sharpen all of your
senses, to strengthen
your immune system
and to experience your
own imagination.

Illustration - Oiseau


Interaction with
animals promotes
social and cognitive
skills. Animals have
a positive effect on
children and promote ...

physical relaxation.
They also contribute
to the development of
the children's personality.

Flèche du bas vert
Illustration - Fleur


"Not all children
learn the same
thing, at the
same time, in
the same way".
Kathy Walker

Illustration - Papillon


"What you tell me,
I forget. What you
show me, I remember.
What you make me
do, I understand."

Titre - Pédagogie
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Nature education as playful experience through experiential education.

Experiential education is action-oriented. The given physical, social and psychological challenges enable the children to have learning experiences that support their personality development. Team spirit is fostered and children are also encourages to partake in experiencing their own limits.
Nature encounters promote the healthy development of children through many valuable spaces for discovery and experience.

Nature offers everything that educators try to create in enclosed spaces: Experiences for all the senses, diverse stimuli, motor challenges, impulses and stimuli for independent exploration and a constantly changing but ever-recurring environment.
Moreover, own encounters with nature are the basis for environmental protection.

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The image of the child

Nature offers everything that children need for their healthy development. Children need their own experiences; they need to be able to grasp and understand things and make them their own.
The aim is to accompany the child on its way and to respect its own needs in order to promote its individual development.

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The educators' role

"The teacher must become passive so that the child can become active". Maria Montessori
The role of the educator is to let the children try things out for themselves by providing a prepared environment and taking the time to give the children the time they need.

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Montessori education

"Help me to do it myself. Show me how to do it. Don't do it for me. I can and will do it alone. Have patience to understand my ways. They may be longer, they may take more time because I want to make several attempts. Allow myself mistakes and effort, because I can learn from them." Maria Montessori
"It is not the child who should adapt to the environment, but we should adapt the environment to the child." Maria Montessori

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Titre - Groupes
Illustration du groupe Bei den Raupen - Chenille

Bei den Raupen
3 months to 2 years

(11 children)

Illustration du groupe Bei den Poppen - Cocon

Bei den Poppen
2 to 3 years

(11 children)

Illustration du groupe Bei den Païperleken - Papillon

Bei den Païperleken
3 to 4 years

(13 children)

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